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Hello to readers new and old, alike! I decided with so many people joining DW now, I might as well make a nice little introduction here to make a sticky post in this journal. So, let's go...

The Basics
Name: Jingle 
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Age: 24
Birth Month: September
Location: USA
What I Post: Lots of fandom stuff, be that fic ideas, general thoughts, or anything in between. I also update on simple aspects of my rl, with some deeper posts that will be locked to my access list.
My Active Fandoms: Disney/Animated Films, Steven Universe, Pokemon (games and some of the anime), Disney's Descendants, Rescue Sirens
Less Active or Inactive Fandoms: Avatar: The Last Airbender,  Phineas and Ferb, Wander Over Yonder, Gravity Falls, The Big Bang Theory, Harry Potter, Friends, Disney Fairies, Sofia the First, Monster High, Ever After High, Guardians of the Galaxy (MCU), Ouran High School Host Club

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The Disney World leg of this trip has arrived! Today I go to EPCOT, and I'm especially excited to go to the Japan part of the World Showcase and see their Pokemon display... Which is kind of silly, I guess; I mean, it's Disney World not Pokemon World. Still, exciting! I also have prepared FastPasses for Soarin' and Journey into Imagination with Figment. The family I'm going with was teasing me about the latter, since it's such an easy ride to just walk right onto. And they are right, but you know what? Figment is the best. I have both the Figment comics and listen to the original ride's song constantly. I'm just that into it. XD

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Dear Creator,

Thank you so much for making something for me this round of the Femslash Exchange! I'm so excited to be participating this time around, and I can't wait to see what is created for me, or to write something for someone else!

As with all my "dear creator" letters, I'm going to start with general Do Not Wants, then move onto fandom specific preferences/ideas beneath a cut. Everything besides DNWs are just suggestions!

  • Sad endings
  • Explicit sexual content
  • Non-Con/Dub-Con
  • Incest
  • Genderbends
  • Body Horror
  • Gore of any kind
  • Crackfic
  • Character Bashing
  • Non-Canon Character Death
  • Drug Use (unless canon)

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Thanks again! I can't wait for this to all come together!
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For those who expressed interest in contributing characters or other ideas to my fanmade Pokemon Region, I've made some progress! The region will be based mainly on Mexico. A Google Doc with a list of the Region's Pokemon can be found here! (Note that these Pokemon are not in Regional Order, just the usual National Dex order.)

If there's a Pokemon that you'd love on a team that isn't on the list, that's more than fine! Pokemon trainers can come from all around to visit the Region and bring all species of Pokemon with them - and that extends to Gym Leaders, etc.

If anyone has ideas for a Mythology for this Region, especially based on the Legendaries I've picked to represent it, I'd appreciate that! On a simpler note, I'm also open to ideas for a Region name.

[personal profile] stavekoff [personal profile] komischkatze (I'm not sure Dreamwidth tells you when you're mentioned in a post, but I figured I'd give it a shot.) Feel free to express interest if you didn't earlier, too!
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A recent video by Pokétuber Bird Keeper Toby has inspired me to revisit the idea of creating my own region as a creative exercise. This may even turn into a writing project.

That leads me to asking a little favor of you guys. I'll be asking my Pokémon-playing pals for their input, and I thought I should get my journal buddies in on this! What I'm looking for from you guys is lists of some of your favorite Pokémon and teams you have played/would like to play with, from any mix of regions/gens. This will help me select the region's Pokémon. If you want to go the extra mile and create trainers to populate the region, I think that could be really fun! The trainers can be based on you, or just be an idea you have, or anything! (Totally accepting team and/or trainer ideas for Gym Leaders and Elite Four members as well!)

Here's the video, btw!
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I'm revisiting Elena of Avalor, and it's so cute and fun! I'd only gotten four episodes in, in the past, but I'm tempted to try and pull off a binge-watching experience and get caught up before I leave for Florida.
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Alright, let's talk and Pearl and Rose Quartz.

I know part of the Crewniverse (possibly Rebecca Sugar herself, my sources vary) has said that their relationship was 'more complicated than an unrequited love'. And even though I usually take Word of God with a grain of salt, I buy into that. However, when an otherwise pretty great panel I went to at a Convention stated, as if it were a known fact, that Rose was polyamorous, in love with both Pearl and Greg, and simply bad at considering all her partners feelings... I was taken by surprise.

Maybe it's just me who feels this way, but I believe there's a difference between loving someone, even romantically, and being in love with someone.

I dunno, I think the lyrics of Love Like You make it pretty clear that Rose Quartz didn't know what it meant to be in love until she fell in love with Greg: "I could even learn how to love like you.". There's also Pearl's spoken line in the song Both of You where she explains her problem wasn't that Greg pursued Rose, but that "she fell in love with you". Obviously, I'm not a writer on this show, so I could be way off, but that seems pretty clear to me. Pearl was in love with Rose, and Rose loved Pearl - probably with some romantic tones - but she wasn't in love with Pearl. That was just Greg, for Rose.
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So, next month, I'm traveling to Florida to visit some family, and a few of us will be taking two days to visit Disney World!

I'm so excited!

It looks like we'll be visiting Animal Kingdom on one day, to see the new Pandora-themed area. (I didn't love the movie Avatar, but it does sound like a cool addition to the park!) I'm not sure what the second day will be. Either Magic Kingdom or EPCOT, I believe. I think it's going to come down to my vote on that one, so I'll have to read up on what's in each park these days. I won't be there in time to go on either of the rides that are closing, (Ellen's Energy Adventure in EPCOT or The Great Movie Ride in Hollywood Studios), but tbh, that really just makes it easier to pick which park for Day 2. (Because The Great Movie Ride is one of the biggest draws of Hollywood Studios for me.)

I'm not sure how prominent Pin Trading is anymore. Last time I went to the park, they were pushing Vinylmation a lot, but that trend seems to have faded in favor of Tsum-Tsum. Still, I've sorted out the pins I'm willing to trade and will be taking with me, so hopefully, even if they're selling fewer pins and fewer Guests are trading, the Cast Members still have lanyards for trading.

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So much is going on in the world of politics, and I strongly over-saturated myself last night, so I'm posting about some fandom things I've been thinking about. To give myself a bit of a diversion, you know?

I'm going to start with Futurama, because I've just been thinking a lot about the show lately. Specifically, I've been thinking about how the writers/creators spun the show's tone. The premise and the character's backstory really could have been something so dark, and while the comedy is clearly off-color, it's still a comedy! I love the way that works. It's kind of like how on the show Friends, Phoebe's early life was just so messed up, yet it never becomes a depressing thing - unless you really think about it, I guess.

I actually like really thinking about Futurama that way, though. The show obviously has certain emotional episodes, and those are great. I'm normally not into darkfic for darkfic's sake, but God, I love thinking about the potential for Bender, in particular, and interpreting him as a human character. As a robot, he's... Still pretty messed up, let's be real, but as a human? He'd be a total disaster. I'd love to do some writing on that, I just don't know what I'd write. You know, plot-wise, I guess.

I've been reading - I've got four books going at once, which is a bad plan - but my writing brain isn't getting into gear from that like it usually does. That's kind of frustrating. Anyway...

Lilo & Stitch. I realized that while it's the fandom I've written the most for, it's all really old, awful fic - and I'd really to write something with some actual quality for that movie/franchise. I've also realized that Pleakley is permanently a trans-female character in my mind. It's just the only way I can interpret her anymore, and I am more than okay with that.

Of course, the thing about writing Lilo & Stitch fic is that, if you ask me, the original movie and the "Stitch Has a Glitch" sequel are the only parts of that franchise that are... Actually good. But because I ship Pleakley and Jumba, and their relationship really came to be in the series, and had winning moments in Leroy and Stitch, I have to watch some media of seriously questionable quality to refresh myself on how to write them. It's not a problem, just a bit of a pain.

Speaking of questionable quality, I've found myself wanting to re-watch some things that... Well. I'm oddly nostalgic for Quest for Camelot,a guilty pleasure of mine, and Xiaolin Showdown - a tv series that I adored when I was younger, but for all I know I'd find crappy now.

Okay, I feel well-sidetracked now!


Jul. 26th, 2017 06:08 pm
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I'm so upset about what happened in my country today.
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My favorite guilty pleasure gets its sequel tonight! Naturally, I am very hyped for Descendants 2. (Especially after listening to Mal and Evie's gay as all hell duet on the freshly-released soundtrack, omg.)

I don't have anything else to say, really. I'm just so excited!

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Hey guys! I promise I'm still kicking, heheh. I'm a bit emotionally exhausted as of late, so I won't be here much, but I'll be back! <3 

If nothing else, I'll probably be doing some Pokemon gaming updates in upcoming days.
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Basically, I'm still new to polyships, and new to accepting polyamory without treating it as a foreign concept. I probably would not describe myself as poly, though I still mildly question this at times.

Anyway! Let's get down to the business of listing some polyships! In no particular order, my top five are:

1. OT3: Bender/Fry/Leela, Futurama (aka "Bender doesn't like to be left out, and will not be ignored.)
2. OT3: Chel/Tulio/Miguel, The Road to El Dorado (I prefer femslash for Chel, but this is such a classic OT3)
3. OT4: Mal/Evie/Carlos/Jay, Disney's Descendants
4. OTV: Pearl/Bismuth+Garnet/Bismuth, Steven Universe (Could work as OT3 if I'm in a Pearlnet place, which is admittedly rare for me.)
5. OTV: Cassandra/Rapunzel+Eugene/Rapunzel, Tangled: The Series (Quickly becoming more of an OT3 for me.)

What are some of your favorite polyships, if any?

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Lesson learned: Moving, even just across the hall, is stressful. Especially when it's hot and muggy.

On the other hand, I'm playing Alpha Sapphire as a de-stresser, and my starter Torchic surprised me by being female. With my brief revisit to Gen 5 having Garnet the Tepig, and of course, Dawn the Primarina in Moon, that's three first-try female starters in a row.

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Actually, this will probably be most - if not all - of my Con Haul for all three days, because I... Spent way too much money already, and need to, you know, eat today and tomorrow.

My favorite item is a "Blue Zircon: Space Attorney" shirt. It is the best. 

I also picked up the Ruby and Sapphire arc of Pokemon Adventures. It's so good, and I wish I'd given Pokemon Adventures a chance way sooner! I bought a set of DnD dice with a green-to-black ombre coloration, too! A few other things here and there, such as two really nice full-art Pokemon cards (Mallow and Hau! <3) and these adorable Amethyst Appreciation Zines by an artist by the name of Grace Kraft.

Today, I'm Guzma-ing it up, and looking forward to a few really excellent-sounding panels!
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Headed out for my state Con today! I'm at the home of the friend I'll be sharing a hotel room with, helping her finish up her cosplay where I can be of help, and later we'll pick-up our badges and check into the hotel!

I'm so excited! My lineup for cosplay is as follows: Guzma from Pokemon Sun/Moon on Friday, Amethyst from Steven Universe Saturday, and while I'm not cosplaying on Sunday, I will be wearing my classic-style Harley Quinn dress.

If anyone is on Instagram and wants to see cosplay pics, check out @imaginationinstitute! It's 99% doll photography, but once a year the cosplay pics start up again! If you're not on Instagram but curious about the cosplays, let me know. I'd love to show off, haha.

I've scheduled in the times for getting autographs from Shelby Rabara, Michaela Dietz, and Jerome Flynn, as well as found the panels I'm interested in checking out. I'm also hoping to pick up my own set of DnD dice while I'm browsing the vendors' tables.
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From [personal profile] facetiousfutz and [personal profile] stavekoff: Post a list of your Top 5 favorite Pokemon.
  1. Rockruff
  2. Wartortle
  3. Weavile
  4. Meloetta
  5. Celebi

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I feel like all I ever do here anymore is complain... I really don't want to be in that place again, though. The place where everything I put out there is negative.

So let's see... While cleaning today, I found some Sculpey. It's unwrapped, and in lovely condition. I'm not sure what I want to make with it, but I look forward to it. I haven't made any three-dimensional art in years, after all.

I could use it to work on a custom Dungeons & Dragons miniature, once I figure out my new character. A couple I'm good friends with has started teaching me the ways of DnD, and it's fun! I thought I'd like the character creation process more than actually engaging in the roleplay, but the opposite is actually true - go figure! Now I just need to figure out my next character... The first one I made is just kind of ill-defined in terms of traits and such; she's not coming together for me.

I'm thinking a Halfling, this time around...


Jun. 27th, 2017 11:03 am
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Quick political comment! )

Moving on, I'm still trying to figure out some things in life, but my mood has been improving.

I wish there weren't so many movies to see, now that I have no income. I really want to see Spider-Man: Homecoming, and I'm convinced I'd enjoy Cars 3, too. I'd also still like to see Wonder Woman.

Camp NaNo starts very soon, and I'm second-guessing my project. This is par for the course, though. We'll see what I end up inspired to write - no matter what it is, it should be fun!

Icon Post!

Jun. 26th, 2017 02:34 pm
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Total Icon Count: 55

Fandoms: 46 Various Disney Animated Films + 9 Phineas and Ferb


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Credit to [personal profile] dolewhip, please.
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