Feb. 26th, 2017


Feb. 26th, 2017 06:21 am
dolewhip: (Toradora!: Ryuuji)
So tired. It took me until after midnight to fall asleep last night. Or, technically, to fall asleep this morning. Ugh, whichever way you wanna frame it, it was too little sleep!

I finished Toradora! yesterday. It might be my new favorite anime... Not that I've watched many others. Pretty much just Ouran and most of Fruits Basket, both of which were also great...

I also played some more Pokemon Moon last evening, which was fun - I rarely play the game at night because I tend to fall asleep playing it, so with Moon, that means I don't get to see daytime in the game that often. Alola is so bright and beautiful, and I had particular fun with the Pokemon Refresh feature last night.

My team currently consists of: Dawn the Brionne, Ella the Charjbug, and Moonshy the Alolan Persian, along with a "mysterious" egg, and I've just beaten Kiawe's Trial! I'll probably play more this morning so I can get to Mallow's Trial, because Mallow is one of my favorite more minor NPCs in the game... I also want to get to a certain someone's cameo!

I also need to start up playing Pokemon Blue again. I think I want to start a new save, and I think I want to wait until after I finish this runthrough of Moon, but I'm still excited for it. I mean even do an in-character run of Blue, because I'm a silly geek like that. I tend to ignore the default male of the player character in Red/Blue/Yellow/etc., and the storyline itself makes it easy to do so, so the possibilities for character to pick are endless! And I could make it a Nuzlocke on top of that, for some higher stakes and more challenge/fun... Hmm, I'm thinking maybe Amethyst for the player character and Jasper as the rival? Or, heck, Green/Blue/whatever you want to call him could even be Amethyst, and Pearl or Peridot could be who I pick to be the player character? I mean, let's face it, Green and Amethyst have fairly similar attitudes!

So, on that note... Smell ya guys later!


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