Feb. 27th, 2017

dolewhip: (Zootopia: Judy)
...Because apparently that's a thing!

Also, just gotta comment on Zootopia's win at the Oscars last night! Another Best Animated Feature award for a wonderful film! (Also, the performance of How Far I'll Go was so astounding! Actually, all the performances - and comedy - of last night were fantastic.)

I figured since it's Pokemon Day and all, I might as well do something silly to "celebrate"... So I've been making more progress in this run-through of Moon! I may also watch some of the anime tonight, but hmm... Do I watch the original season? Pokemon XY? Maybe some Black and White for Colress, or even one of the movies? So many options when you have such a long-running show, ha ha...

And now for the progress report! I've just arrived on Ula'ula Island and had a battle with Hau. The team now consists of: Hiram the Leafeon, Ella the Charjbug, Bones the Alolan Marowak, Moonshy the Alolan Persian, and - last but, of course, not least! - Dawn the Brionne!

Now if you'll excuse me, I believe the human version of rat poison is waiting for me...


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