Mar. 20th, 2017

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Hello, fellow author!

First of all, let me say how excited and thankful I am. Now, I have never done a fic exchange that involves a letter before, so forgive me if this is unorthodox. I've read a few of the already-existing letters, and am more or less going off of those.

  • Fluffy Slice of Life
  • AU to any extent
  • Children teaching new things to their parent figures or other adults
  • Angst with emotional hurt/comfort
  • Pieces that have a sort of character study feel
Do Not Wants:
  • Gore of any kind
  • Explicit smut
  • Any incest 
  • Non-Con or Dub-Con
  • Death
  • Crack!Fic
  • Body Horror
Here are my requests and a few thoughts on them that are strictly guidelines. Please, let your creativity and imagination be your guide!

How to Train Your Dragon (Movies)

Gobber the Belch/Stoick the Vast & Hiccup

Angst is delightful here. Fics set before the first film are my strong preference, with established Gobber/Stoick,and Gobber trying to play mediator between Stoick and Hiccup while still being, you know, Gobber.

Alternatively, some slice of life family fluff set between the first and second films would be equally great.

Steven Universe
Pearl & Steven Universe

This is definitely my favorite for 'child teaching an adult something new'! Seriously, Steven introducing Pearl to anything she's not familiar with. It can be a comedy of errors, really sweet, or a bit of both!

Descendants (2015)
Li Lonnie & Mushu & Fa Mulan/Li Shang

Despite the fact that Descendants is cheesy as all get-out and Lonnie has very little characterization when you get down to it, I love the idea of the Li family so much! Honestly, Shang interests me less than the others, but just. Mulan as a wonderful, understanding mom and Mushu as a protective psuedo-uncle to Lonnie? Yes, please!

I really like the idea of a well-intentioned Mushu causing trouble for Lonnie, and Mulan and Shang helping her deal with the fall-out.

Thank you for your time! I look forward to whatever you write for me!

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