May. 3rd, 2017

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Writing's been a bit slow lately, but when I do finish something, (and like it), it's going in my new writing comm, [community profile] withjustaspark.

Which... Definitely needs more femslash, so far. Luckily, my writing to-do list for [community profile] disney_kink includes an Ariel/Zarina piece!

I also have to write my Milo/Kuzco piece that I keep starting over on, as well as a fill for an open-ended prompt set in a bar.

I'm also participating in [community profile] familyex and [community profile] not_primetime.

Finally, I'm still open to starting up a few one on one roleplay plots, if anyone wants to check out my muselist. (I want to add Cassandra from the Tangled tv series to that list, but I have to make sure I can find icons/screencaps first.)

As you can see, I'm putting a big focus on writing right now, at least in my time off from work. I recently bought myself a lovely book; a follow-up to one I read ages ago that contains a lot of inspiration for writing, from prompts to revision tips to anecdotes. It's really a lifesaver.

Q & A

May. 3rd, 2017 08:02 am
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I'm grabbing this from [personal profile] cassie_faith!

We all know each other from our journals. Some better than others. Sometimes, posts don't say everything about us. Sometimes we wonder if it would be rude to ask a personal question, so we don't. Is there anything about me you want to ask? This is your chance to ask me anything about me/my life. I'm pretty open when it comes to myself, so shoot. If I'm uncomfortable answering something, I'll let you know - no big!
Screening comments is on.


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