May. 28th, 2017

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I'm in kind of in a glum place, but I have an idea that - if you're willing to participate, readers - could be a good mood-boost, and maybe even give me some fic inspiration.

Backstory time! See, today I found a notebook I bought at a bookstore sometime before 2015. I know it was pre-2015 because this was the notebook I bought specifically for writing my own interpretation of the 'Disney Descendants' story, (before any of the actual media was released), when that was A Thing I Was Going To Do.

I never actually wrote any story, as you might guess, but I did have some characters planned out based on an early character list from Descendants pre-production days. I had a reason for all of their personalities, based on who the characters' parents were and how said parents would have raised their children.  I really enjoy writing/planning next-gen stuff like that, as well as analyzing canon next-gen media; seeing what makes sense to me and what doesn't.

So, here's my idea for those who want to participate; sort of a discussion and sort of a game.

Give me a ship. You can grab something off my ship list to be safe, or you can get adventurous! It's okay if a couple wouldn't be able to have biological children. Adoption/surrogacy/etc. is always a good option. Hell, even if they'd be unable to have and raise their own children, period - I'm thinking SU ships, in that case, but if it applies to anything else, too - that's what AUs are for!

So, you've picked a ship? Awesome! Now I'll give you my thoughts on what their offspring may be like. You can simply leave the pairing in a comment, or you can get the ball rolling by offering your own thoughts on the kid(s)!

And if you want to grab the basic idea of this game and propose it to your own readers... Go for it!


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