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...Because apparently that's a thing!

Also, just gotta comment on Zootopia's win at the Oscars last night! Another Best Animated Feature award for a wonderful film! (Also, the performance of How Far I'll Go was so astounding! Actually, all the performances - and comedy - of last night were fantastic.)

I figured since it's Pokemon Day and all, I might as well do something silly to "celebrate"... So I've been making more progress in this run-through of Moon! I may also watch some of the anime tonight, but hmm... Do I watch the original season? Pokemon XY? Maybe some Black and White for Colress, or even one of the movies? So many options when you have such a long-running show, ha ha...

And now for the progress report! I've just arrived on Ula'ula Island and had a battle with Hau. The team now consists of: Hiram the Leafeon, Ella the Charjbug, Bones the Alolan Marowak, Moonshy the Alolan Persian, and - last but, of course, not least! - Dawn the Brionne!

Now if you'll excuse me, I believe the human version of rat poison is waiting for me...

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Two days to the Oscars! I win in Best Animated Picture for Zootopia is my hope, my I loved Moana nearly as much, so that would be great, too! Ooh, Zootopia took the Golden Globe against Moana, Kubo, and My Life as a Corgette, but now The Red Turtle is thrown into the mix...

Other than that, the only categories I'm really feeling certain in are best film (La La Land, much?) and best actor (Denzel Washington!). Viola Davis will probably take home the Supporting Actress Award, too, and I'd love to see that.

What else? I have a later shift at work today, so I might spend some time putting together a ship list/wall in here! That should entertain me for a bit...

Also, I'm like 15 episodes - maybe 16? - in to a new (well, new for me!) anime - Toradora! I love it so much! Emotional but also hilarious. Part of me is excited to see how it ends, and part of me doesn't want to get to that 25th episode, because then it's all over. Sometimes, my problems are very simple ones, ha!


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