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For Mulan, I see her as either a Fast-Flying Talent (probably the most physically involved one) or a Scouting Talent (the closest thing the Fairies seem to have to a military in peacetime.) Her story is a little trickier to translate, as Fairies don't seem to have strong gender roles, but I do love the idea of her defending a particularly non-threatening dragon, as dragon and fairies do not typically get along. (She probably has a purple pet cricket, to boot!) I think she feels a strong duty to her talent and needs to learn through friendships, possibly the one with the dragon, that her duty is also to her heart. (That's from Mulan II, ugh, but w/e.) (Shang is definitely a Scouting Talent who really feels the pressure of protecting the other Fairies.)

Pocahontas could fit pretty much any nature talent, but I'm going with Garden Talent, on the basis that it would be easy to see most princesses as an animal talent. (We'll get to one I feel strongly about being an animal talent next.) And, y'know, she's got that thing with the leaves going on. I see John Smith as a human, one of the first to make it to Neverland, like, even before - gasp! - Peter Pan. So the Fairies were probably worried about this new breed, but Pocahontas was fascinated, and somehow they found a way to communicate (magic wind again?) and fell in love, which causes some problems, but ultimately their love wins out.

Merida is an Animal Talent in my mind. I know it's not Fast-Flying or Scouting, which could also fit her, but the bears are such a huge part of her story, and then there's Angus. I don't know, I just have a pretty strong attachment to this idea. (Angus in the Fairy World is probably a mouse, incidentally.) The arranged marriage/princessly duties storyline she goes through does not fit into the Fairies canon at all, which is a bit frustrating. I mean, she wouldn't even have a mom, although I can see her as being very close to, yet often facing off with, the Animal Talent equivalent of Fairy Mary.

Jasmine is a Fast-Flying talent in my mind, because of the 'Whole New World' scene. "Free-wheeling through an endless daimond sky". Maybe more Fast-Flying Talents than just Vidia have a snootiness problem, so when Jasmine falls for Aladdin, a Scrap Metal Talent, there's some sniffing and noses in the air. I think Jasmine would be a very accomplished talent, too, because Jasmine always strikes me as highly competent. Al, for his part, kind of wants to rise above his Talent as Tink did/will in the future, and maybe he even sneaks on a Pirate Ship to steal a legendary Genie Lamp to try and do so. (Abu would have to be, like, a tiny little bug. Maybe a flea but ew that's gross.)

As far as Belle goes, I love your idea! A Storytelling Talent who wants nothing more than to be part of the story, and probably ends up leaving Pixie Hollow, (she has no father here, after all) to try and persue a life that isn't so provincial. In the Neverland woods, she meets a fearfull Beast, but develops a strong bond with him. (Probably something similar to Gruff, I think is the name, in the upcoming Neverbeast movie. Maybe he IS Gruff, it seems like it would work well.) With the Beast, Belle can explore Neverland safely and easily return to Pixie Hollow to be with other Fairies.

The sweet Snow White would have to be a Baking Talent, famous for her Gooseberry and Apple pies! Perhaps instead of being envied by a Queen, this Snow White is envied by an older Baking Talent who feels Snow's skills rival her own. The poison apple bit fits into Neverland fairly well, I think, and she is awakened by her true love, The Prince, a Music Talent.

Speaking of Music Talents, let's not forget fair Aurora, one of the most beloved Fairies in Pixie Hollow. She has a beautiful voice, dances wonderfully, and is extremely gracious and kind. An angry dragon finds a cursed object that puts her into a deep sleep. Like Snow, she is awakened by her true love, Phillip the Animal Talent. (As the thing I always recall most of Phillip is him and Samson!)

And to complete Walt's Three, there's Cinderella, another Animal Talent. Scratch what I said about Merida, this is the one I really feel strongly for the case of Animal Talent. Cinderella is so in tune with her animal friends, and cares about all of them, even Lucifer for a time. She's every bit as beloved by Aurora - all of the Walt's Three fairies are, really. Cinderella lives on the very edge of Pixie Hollow, in a large gourd hollowed-out to make room for sevaral mice, to be made practical for the snout of an oft-visiting dog, and to also fit Cinderella, herself, and her frequent visitor Prince Charming, a Dust-Keeper Talent. (Admittedly, my only reasoning for this is that Terrence and Charming are both portrayed as very just-plain-decent guys.)

No points for guessing that Tianais a Cooking Talent. In fact, her name may not rhyme with "Fairy", but I see Tiana as head Cooking Talent, because I just really think Tiana is the bees' knees. And, well, she's canonically a fantastic cook! Tiana visits the very Crocodile that will grow up to eat Hook's hand, and is friends with all the fireflies. As such, she meets a lot of Light Talents, including the admittedly charming Naveen. (I associate Light Talent with charisma, even though Iridessa is more nervous and precise than charsimatic. She's still a treasure.) Tiana and Naveen have always had a turbulent friendship, as Naveen is very laid-back and Tiana values hard work. But Naveen fell for Tiana early on, regardless, and she just might be warming up to him, as well. One particular firefly seems to always be trying to get them together, when he's not gazing up at the stars.

I loved your idea about Ariel. Determined a Water Talent at Arrival, Ariel does love water! Really! But her passion lies with the Tinker Talents, particularly the gathering of Lost Things. So, yes, she goes to an outcast Dust Keeper Talent named Ursula, hoping the banished Fairy will use her skills with Pixie Dust to change her talent. Ursula, still bitter towards all Pixie Hollow-based fairies, tells Ariel that she, indeed, do that, but neglects to mention that the cost will be Ariel's vision. Now a Tinker Talent, but unable to see Lost Things or what she is making, Ariel teams up with other members of her new Talent and her old Water Fairy friend, Eric, to reverse the curse, and they manage to do so. Ultimately, moved by what Ariel is trying to do, Queen Clarion changes her Talent for her.

We close this section off with Rapunzel, an art talent reknowned for her skill, attention to detail, and diligence. She also loves to have a lot of fun, and sometimes this fun brings her away from Pixie Hollow, even towards the Pirate Ships. Rapunzel spent eighteen months being used as a lantern light, just because the Pirate Captain hated fairies, before she was found and rescued. She was not, however, found by her searching fellow fairies, but by one of the very members of the Pirate Captain's crew, named Flynn Rider. After freeing and getting to know Rapunzel, Flynn decided to live his life as a criminal behind, and became just a man-about-Neverland with a very special relationship with one little Art Talent.

Because she's one of my favorite Disney characters, we have Giselle! A Cleaning Talent Fairy, but not bossy and busy like the rest of them. Giselle might just have a touch of Animal Talent in her, because she knows how to get all the animals of Pixie Hollow to help her in her work! She's radiant and, more importantly, has the biggest heart of any fairy. Giselle's best friend in the world is a chipmunk named Pip. Now, Cleaning Talents have to go to the Mainland, too, to clean up all signs that the Fairies were there, and one change of the seasons, Giselle discovered a hard-working and troubled human named Robert and his daughter, Morgan. As seasons came and went, Giselle always left little surprises for Morgan and Robert, and did what she could to help them. Eventually, Queen Clarion helped Giselle become human to be with the man she had fallen in love with.

Elsa is, as you said, easiest to place. A Frost Talent, on her Arrival Day, the glow from Elsa's talent object would definitely surpass even Tinker Bell's hammer. Everyone was delighted at this new Talent. However, it proved to be too good to be true, and Lord Milori grew concerned as Elsa's powers grew out of her control. Glacier Talent Kristoff befriended her, though, one of the few fairies who wasn't scared of her. Meanwhile, Light Talent Anna had been born of the very same laugh as Elsa, so she unknowingly had a sister in the Winter Woods. However, when she stumbled - quite literally - into the Woods one day, she felt something calling to her. She found Elsa, they found out they were sisters, and Elsa found it was getting easier and easier to control her powers, knowing she had a sister who she felt like she'd been with forever.


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