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For those who expressed interest in contributing characters or other ideas to my fanmade Pokemon Region, I've made some progress! The region will be based mainly on Mexico. A Google Doc with a list of the Region's Pokemon can be found here! (Note that these Pokemon are not in Regional Order, just the usual National Dex order.)

If there's a Pokemon that you'd love on a team that isn't on the list, that's more than fine! Pokemon trainers can come from all around to visit the Region and bring all species of Pokemon with them - and that extends to Gym Leaders, etc.

If anyone has ideas for a Mythology for this Region, especially based on the Legendaries I've picked to represent it, I'd appreciate that! On a simpler note, I'm also open to ideas for a Region name.

[personal profile] stavekoff [personal profile] komischkatze (I'm not sure Dreamwidth tells you when you're mentioned in a post, but I figured I'd give it a shot.) Feel free to express interest if you didn't earlier, too!
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A recent video by Pokétuber Bird Keeper Toby has inspired me to revisit the idea of creating my own region as a creative exercise. This may even turn into a writing project.

That leads me to asking a little favor of you guys. I'll be asking my Pokémon-playing pals for their input, and I thought I should get my journal buddies in on this! What I'm looking for from you guys is lists of some of your favorite Pokémon and teams you have played/would like to play with, from any mix of regions/gens. This will help me select the region's Pokémon. If you want to go the extra mile and create trainers to populate the region, I think that could be really fun! The trainers can be based on you, or just be an idea you have, or anything! (Totally accepting team and/or trainer ideas for Gym Leaders and Elite Four members as well!)

Here's the video, btw!
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Lesson learned: Moving, even just across the hall, is stressful. Especially when it's hot and muggy.

On the other hand, I'm playing Alpha Sapphire as a de-stresser, and my starter Torchic surprised me by being female. With my brief revisit to Gen 5 having Garnet the Tepig, and of course, Dawn the Primarina in Moon, that's three first-try female starters in a row.

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From [personal profile] facetiousfutz and [personal profile] stavekoff: Post a list of your Top 5 favorite Pokemon.
  1. Rockruff
  2. Wartortle
  3. Weavile
  4. Meloetta
  5. Celebi

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Guys, it's been a long, cold, lonely winter - but here comes the sun. No, literally: it's finally starting to warm up outside! There seems to be a bit of a jump from winter to summer weather, which I don't like - spring is my favorite season - but warmth is warmth, and I'll take what I can get.

Life has been... Strange, but getting good. Family stuff. Some ties have been all but severed, and some bonds have been made stronger, but all in all, I can say everything is for the best.

There's an upcoming Pokemon Online Competition that I'll be eagerly signing up for! I believe my team is prepared. (The search for a Black Sludge would have been the biggest pain ever if I didn't find two shinies while going through Grimers!)

I realized yesterday - while browsing Etsy - that I desperately want to cosplay as Guzma (fem!Guzma, I suppose) in addition to Amethyst for the convention in July... I'll have to figure out if I can swing that. If I can, I think I'll use one pair of white sneakers for both Guzma and Amethyst, instead of getting the white booties for Amethyst. Shoes are so expensive.
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I'm considering trying my hand at being a Poketuber. The thing is... I'm not so good at theories, and I'm really no good at competitive gaming - well, I'm getting better, but anyway, what I'm interested in is the aspect of Poketube-ing where people create their own gyms, trials, leagues, regions, etc. I think I could have a lot of fun with that, although I'm not sure I have the video software I'd need. But if I could get away with my webcam and/or just plain old Movie Maker, I think it'd be fun!

Bird Keeper Toby is the Poketuber I follow, and whose videos always make me sit back and say, "Huh, that would be so great to do!".

Also, I still haven't watched the Tangled tv movie! I was working last night, and probably won't be able to catch it until tomorrow.


Mar. 5th, 2017 07:15 am
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I owe my local library $16, apparently. Couldn't find some books and DVDs for a while... Hopefully I can just pay the late fees and won't be required to pay the replacement fines, since I did eventually find everything. Hopefully I can run it in today.

I also need to borrow their copy of How to Train Your Dragon 2, soooo...

I'm behind on Steven Universe AND Big Bang Theory by three episodes each, so I'm hoping to fix that today, as well. I don't go into work until 4:30 today, and I'll basically be in until closing after that. Not bad at all, since the store usually gets pretty quiet after 5 or 6.

I am now officially and completely settled on a Camp NaNo project, and I'm wildly excited about what I've come up with! I need to get some planning in, though, or it's going to be a total mess. I made a playlist for it, does that count?

I hope everyone's doing well!

Oh, right, and Pokemon Moon update! Team remains the same, although I'm on Poni Island, so Ella should be evolving soon! More excitingly... Between carrying over Pokemon from my first run via Pokemon Bank, and a lot of GTS trading, I have already completed the Pokedex and gotten the Shiny Charm!
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I'm feeling a bit better this evening, for a few reasons. I picked up groceries and stuff after work, and I received an email reminder that Camp NaNo is next month - which will hopefully jumpstart my creativity! I'll be aiming to write 25k words of fic, I think, but I'm not sure which fandom just yet. Anyway, do I have any fellow NaNo-ers among my mutuals?

For those unfamiliar with NaNoWriMo and Camp NaNo:

You might want to check those links out; it's a pretty fun set of events!

Additionally, it's time for the usual Pokemon Sun and Moon update!

So, Lillie just got kidnapped... (Although I'm not sure how much you can call it a kidnapping. She did go willingly, after all.) Time to rescue the maiden fair! My team currently consists of: Ella the Charjbug, Hiram the Leafeon, Moonshy the Alolan Persian, Bones the Alolan Marowak, Pyke the 10% Zygarde, and - at long last! - Dawn the Primarina!
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...Because apparently that's a thing!

Also, just gotta comment on Zootopia's win at the Oscars last night! Another Best Animated Feature award for a wonderful film! (Also, the performance of How Far I'll Go was so astounding! Actually, all the performances - and comedy - of last night were fantastic.)

I figured since it's Pokemon Day and all, I might as well do something silly to "celebrate"... So I've been making more progress in this run-through of Moon! I may also watch some of the anime tonight, but hmm... Do I watch the original season? Pokemon XY? Maybe some Black and White for Colress, or even one of the movies? So many options when you have such a long-running show, ha ha...

And now for the progress report! I've just arrived on Ula'ula Island and had a battle with Hau. The team now consists of: Hiram the Leafeon, Ella the Charjbug, Bones the Alolan Marowak, Moonshy the Alolan Persian, and - last but, of course, not least! - Dawn the Brionne!

Now if you'll excuse me, I believe the human version of rat poison is waiting for me...


Feb. 26th, 2017 06:21 am
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So tired. It took me until after midnight to fall asleep last night. Or, technically, to fall asleep this morning. Ugh, whichever way you wanna frame it, it was too little sleep!

I finished Toradora! yesterday. It might be my new favorite anime... Not that I've watched many others. Pretty much just Ouran and most of Fruits Basket, both of which were also great...

I also played some more Pokemon Moon last evening, which was fun - I rarely play the game at night because I tend to fall asleep playing it, so with Moon, that means I don't get to see daytime in the game that often. Alola is so bright and beautiful, and I had particular fun with the Pokemon Refresh feature last night.

My team currently consists of: Dawn the Brionne, Ella the Charjbug, and Moonshy the Alolan Persian, along with a "mysterious" egg, and I've just beaten Kiawe's Trial! I'll probably play more this morning so I can get to Mallow's Trial, because Mallow is one of my favorite more minor NPCs in the game... I also want to get to a certain someone's cameo!

I also need to start up playing Pokemon Blue again. I think I want to start a new save, and I think I want to wait until after I finish this runthrough of Moon, but I'm still excited for it. I mean even do an in-character run of Blue, because I'm a silly geek like that. I tend to ignore the default male of the player character in Red/Blue/Yellow/etc., and the storyline itself makes it easy to do so, so the possibilities for character to pick are endless! And I could make it a Nuzlocke on top of that, for some higher stakes and more challenge/fun... Hmm, I'm thinking maybe Amethyst for the player character and Jasper as the rival? Or, heck, Green/Blue/whatever you want to call him could even be Amethyst, and Pearl or Peridot could be who I pick to be the player character? I mean, let's face it, Green and Amethyst have fairly similar attitudes!

So, on that note... Smell ya guys later!
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I'm happy to say that tonight I'll be going to my first basketball game of this college season! Whoo!

In other news, I went on a bit of a ebook binge last night, and wound up with the following books and comics:
  • Steven Universe, volumes 1 & 2
  • Isle of the Lost by Melissa de la Cruz
  • Totally Joe by James Howe (my favorite book from my middle school days!)
  • Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan
  • Assorted Darkwing Duck comics
  • Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz
I've read all but 'Aristotle and Dante' before, but I'm excited to have them all available to me, as I've never owned any of these books - just borrowed them from the library or friends. (I would have also loved to buy some New 52 Harley Quinn, or some Ms. Marvel, but I have to pace myself here!)

Finally, my second playthrough of Moon is proving to be just as fun as the first! My team is currently all-female, including my starter - no resets there, at that! I've got Dawn the Brionne, Pomp the Trumbeak, Moonshy the Alolan Meowth, and Ella the Grubbin. We've made it to the second island, yay! Ahaha... I wish Moonshy would hurry up and evolve. Oh, friendship evolutions...


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