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I'm considering trying my hand at being a Poketuber. The thing is... I'm not so good at theories, and I'm really no good at competitive gaming - well, I'm getting better, but anyway, what I'm interested in is the aspect of Poketube-ing where people create their own gyms, trials, leagues, regions, etc. I think I could have a lot of fun with that, although I'm not sure I have the video software I'd need. But if I could get away with my webcam and/or just plain old Movie Maker, I think it'd be fun!

Bird Keeper Toby is the Poketuber I follow, and whose videos always make me sit back and say, "Huh, that would be so great to do!".

Also, I still haven't watched the Tangled tv movie! I was working last night, and probably won't be able to catch it until tomorrow.
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The new 'Tangled' sequel tv series kick-off movie airs in three days! I'm not sure whether I should be hopefully or nervous, ha! I'll admit, my hopes aren't all that high, but you never know!

The new 'Dream Big, Princess' video by Disney features Princess Elena, so... Is she part of the official line-up now? That would be pretty cool! I've only seen three episodes of Elena of Avalor so far, and it's - you know, it's a kiddie show, but it is very cute and fun!

I have three days off starting today, because scheduling at work is inconsistent - but hey, that's fine with me! I'm going to do some intense cleaning starting today, so that should be... Okay, not fun, but rewarding, at least!
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Work stuff first: I have to be in in an hour and a half and my ride isn't in touch with me yet. Yes, my ride... Sigh, no car available to me this week, at least not directly. :/ I'm a little apprehensive, especially because I'd rather not pull out the Uber app for such a short distance, but it's way too cold to walk... (Update: My ride contacted me. He's apparently been awake since 5 AM.)

Anyway, fun fact: I have apparently watched 'Tangled' often enough to pick up on Rapunzel's odd little pronunciation of the name 'Eugene', with a soft 'g', instead of a hard-ish 'g'. Something I realized at the basketball game last night.

Main point of this entry, however... I've added a few (literally two, I am the worst at finding active journals that aren't friends-only!) journals to my subscriptions and am very actively looking for more mutuals! I don't like the feeling of writing into the void, you know? So... I've already posted in [community profile] addme_fandom - but does anyone else have tips on how to find mutuals on DW?

For reference, my main fandoms are Steven Universe, Pokemon, and Disney basically all Animation, if that helps you with communities or whatever to direct me to.


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