Sep. 14th, 2017 02:54 am
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I... May have gotten a job yesterday? The interview at the coffee place was seriously just 'what are your availability hours and can you get here reliably?'. It would be awesome to be working outside the house again, but I'm also kind of nervous about getting along with my co-worker. Just an anxiety thing, though.

I've been looking into healthy eating, (again... Finally!), and I'm trying to plan out a nutritious shopping list. I'm also looking to get back into a good exercise routine as it cools down a bit, weather-wise. Mostly walking and Tai Chi (the latter via youtube instructional videos) for a start; might get back to the gym and work on some of the weight-lifting kind of machines eventually.

And then there's writing. I haven't written much yet this month, although I'm working on a piece of Pokemon fic that centers around original characters. I really love the characters I've come up with, too, so it might be a step towards original fiction featuring these guys. I personally never have valued original fiction over fanfiction, but let's face it, only one of these things will make me money. :P

Of course, reading is a huge part of being able to write well, at least for me. My reading goals aren't particularly lofty right now, though. >-> I bought one of the Descendants: School of Secrets books because it's about Lonnie, Jay, and Jordan - three of my faves! - and that's aimed at a pre-teen to early teen audience. I just hope it will be a good step into reading more substantial things? And also that it'll be a fun read!

I'm taking a two-session writing class with my local adult education program, too, and looking forward to that a lot.

...You know, half the times I write an entry in here, I think of the film version of The Princess Dairies: "And then I realized how many stupid times a day I use the word 'I'."

Sure, it's different when you're writing a journal entry, even one to share online. It's very different. Still, it got me thinking about including questions in these entries. Conversation starters. It's always fun to hear about others' lives.

So, what goals are you all working on lately? Have you read anything good, or created anything you're particularly proud of?

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On a (maybe?) lighter note, I've come to accept that I will never complete a lengthy and involved story - fic or original. I have plenty of ideas, but it's just not something I can do. At least, I can't do it at this point in my life - maybe someday, when things are more settled and my anxiety/etc. is more under control. But I'm not counting on it, and that's okay. 
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A recent video by Pokétuber Bird Keeper Toby has inspired me to revisit the idea of creating my own region as a creative exercise. This may even turn into a writing project.

That leads me to asking a little favor of you guys. I'll be asking my Pokémon-playing pals for their input, and I thought I should get my journal buddies in on this! What I'm looking for from you guys is lists of some of your favorite Pokémon and teams you have played/would like to play with, from any mix of regions/gens. This will help me select the region's Pokémon. If you want to go the extra mile and create trainers to populate the region, I think that could be really fun! The trainers can be based on you, or just be an idea you have, or anything! (Totally accepting team and/or trainer ideas for Gym Leaders and Elite Four members as well!)

Here's the video, btw!
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So much is going on in the world of politics, and I strongly over-saturated myself last night, so I'm posting about some fandom things I've been thinking about. To give myself a bit of a diversion, you know?

I'm going to start with Futurama, because I've just been thinking a lot about the show lately. Specifically, I've been thinking about how the writers/creators spun the show's tone. The premise and the character's backstory really could have been something so dark, and while the comedy is clearly off-color, it's still a comedy! I love the way that works. It's kind of like how on the show Friends, Phoebe's early life was just so messed up, yet it never becomes a depressing thing - unless you really think about it, I guess.

I actually like really thinking about Futurama that way, though. The show obviously has certain emotional episodes, and those are great. I'm normally not into darkfic for darkfic's sake, but God, I love thinking about the potential for Bender, in particular, and interpreting him as a human character. As a robot, he's... Still pretty messed up, let's be real, but as a human? He'd be a total disaster. I'd love to do some writing on that, I just don't know what I'd write. You know, plot-wise, I guess.

I've been reading - I've got four books going at once, which is a bad plan - but my writing brain isn't getting into gear from that like it usually does. That's kind of frustrating. Anyway...

Lilo & Stitch. I realized that while it's the fandom I've written the most for, it's all really old, awful fic - and I'd really to write something with some actual quality for that movie/franchise. I've also realized that Pleakley is permanently a trans-female character in my mind. It's just the only way I can interpret her anymore, and I am more than okay with that.

Of course, the thing about writing Lilo & Stitch fic is that, if you ask me, the original movie and the "Stitch Has a Glitch" sequel are the only parts of that franchise that are... Actually good. But because I ship Pleakley and Jumba, and their relationship really came to be in the series, and had winning moments in Leroy and Stitch, I have to watch some media of seriously questionable quality to refresh myself on how to write them. It's not a problem, just a bit of a pain.

Speaking of questionable quality, I've found myself wanting to re-watch some things that... Well. I'm oddly nostalgic for Quest for Camelot,a guilty pleasure of mine, and Xiaolin Showdown - a tv series that I adored when I was younger, but for all I know I'd find crappy now.

Okay, I feel well-sidetracked now!


Jun. 27th, 2017 11:03 am
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Quick political comment! )

Moving on, I'm still trying to figure out some things in life, but my mood has been improving.

I wish there weren't so many movies to see, now that I have no income. I really want to see Spider-Man: Homecoming, and I'm convinced I'd enjoy Cars 3, too. I'd also still like to see Wonder Woman.

Camp NaNo starts very soon, and I'm second-guessing my project. This is par for the course, though. We'll see what I end up inspired to write - no matter what it is, it should be fun!
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Dear Author,

Thank you for writing for me for this celebration of rare pairs! I'm so, so looking forward to whatever it is you write me; I'm sure I'll love it!

I'd like to start with a general DNW list, and then I'll move onto any fandom-specific notes and ideas beneath a cut!

  • Sad endings
  • Explicit sexual content
  • Non-Con/Dub-Con
  • Incest
  • Genderbends
  • Body Horror
  • Gore of any kind
  • Crackfic
  • Non-Canon Character Death
  • Drug Use (unless canon)

Read more... )
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I've decided to try something I don't go for as often as, perhaps, I should. I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to Beta for me. In this case, I'm looking for a Beta for my Steven Universe College (University) AU. Familiarity with Steven Universe is a must, and being caught up on the show would definitely be ideal.

An open mind and willingness to read uncommon ships is also a must. This is a very, very slash-tastic AU - I legit think Greg/Rose is the only het ship I've got going, maybe one or two other minor ones - but we are talking about Steven Universe here, so I'm hoping that won't be an issue.

We can communicate over email, or we can stick to DreamWidth, in which case I'll set up Google Docs, or just post private entries. Or if there's a third option you want to explore? Sure, let me know and I'll try to make it work!

Also, if you can't offer to Beta, but you think you know someone who'd be interested, or know of some kind of Beta-finding community here on DW, please tell me about them/the comm!

If you'd like to see some of my writing, my AO3 works are here. What I have up there isn't exactly recent, but it's what I've written most recently (and beyond). Honestly, I could have done varying degrees of better on certain fics especially. ('Hoist the Colors' and 'test my limits' are only still up because they were gifts, and unfortunately, I just realized they were gifts for the same person. Alas.)

Important Edit: Let me know if there are topics you're uncomfortable reading, too, in case those would be a problem.

The only big, triggering issues I'm dealing with so far are Lapis having been in an emotionally/verbally abusive relationship with (an "offstage") Jasper and the death of a character who very, very roughly represents Pink Diamond, which isn't so much explored in detail, itself, but will probably involve a terminal illness, and the character who (very, very roughly) represents Blue Diamond is her sister who hasn't dealt with the loss very well. (I took the sibling path over the admittedly-more-likely-in-canon romantic path; it's not incestuous.)

But already, I've also got a very 'Lapis has a morbid sense of humor' reference to fire and people (specifically, Lapis) burning, so YMMV.

Second Edit: The first part of the College AU is up, actually, without having been Beta Read, so that can give you an idea of what you're getting into!
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So, this started with me bemoaning my inability to write a college AU based on my relatively outdated and very limited college experience. Well, Laria -[personal profile] facetiousfutz - lead me in a few directions that are very promising, but mentioned also being on the look-out for references and recommendations for college or high school AUs, or any kind of writing in such settings.

So, first and foremost, this is a post where I invite anyone - anyone at all who sees it - to contribute to a list I'm collecting of helpful media or writing guides, or anything else that can help an author writing a college or high school setting. Please, I'd love additions to the list; ideally, they'll keep growing.

Now, here are the (very limited) resources and references I have so far. I have not watched/read all of these, by any means, and have instead compiled these largely from lists online. All of these titles come with a Your Mileage May Vary warning, and please, do your research before jumping in if there are certain topics you want to avoid. Some of these get pretty dark.

Things to Watch - College Setting
Boy Meets World
Gilmore Girls
Legally Blonde

Things to Watch - High School Setting
Boy Meets World
Gilmore Girls
The Breakfast Club
The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Things to Watch - Middle School Setting
Boy Meets World
As Told By Ginger

Books to Read - College Setting

A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall
Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
Roomies by Sara Zarr and Tara Alterbrando

Books to Read - High School Setting
Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan*
The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

Books to Read - Middle School Setting
The Misfits Series by Jame Howe

Potentially Helpful Websites
Haley's "Quick and Dirty College Fundamentals"
Wiki How: Campus Life Articles

*The High School and overall setting in Boy Meets Boy is far from typical, or even realistic, but the situations and characters are a good reference, I'd say.
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It's so hot. I hate this. I didn't mind all the rain at all, and now... Ugh. I'm melting. Anyway.

I have a big writing project in the works, specifically, my Treat Yo Self Descendants reboot... Thing. So that's exciting, and will probably double as my Camp NaNo project in July.

I want to warm up with some, like, shorter things, though. I haven't really written fic in a kind of a while - you know, by my standards - so I'd like to get un-rusty. Thing is... I can't decide what I want to write. I have a few ideas: A Steven Universe college AU is the big one that keeps coming up, but... It might be easier if I'd been in college a) longer and b) more recently. And... I know I have other ideas to write jotted down somewhere, but I can't remember what they are, or where I wrote them down.

I'm pretty focused on SU for the warm-up writing, since it won't be my Camp NaNo/Treat Yo Self project, and I've had 'all the feels' since Wanted. Um... But yeah! It's weird, I have motivation to write, and inspiration to write, but just... Not enough of either, I guess.

I think I can blame the heat for all the motivation I'm missing, honestly. This kind of weather always makes me feel so sluggish. (I love summer as a concept - the idea of freedom and creativity and all that during summer is still drilled in my brain from my school days, and Phineas and Ferb, but why can't we have that big break in spring? Which, yes, I suppose it's technically still spring for a few more days, but you know.)
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I'm back to that 'writing fic is like pulling teeth' place. I don't know why. I've cut back on the number of projects I'm working on, so I can take some pressure off myself. This is mean to be an enjoyable pastime, after all... Hopefully that'll work. I just wish this didn't keep swinging from one extreme to the other. Ugh.

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I slipped back into not keeping up with my journal or reading page. Oops. I also haven't been writing.

Well, okay, that's actually untrue! I've been writing, but it's all been in forum rp. I'm having fun, but not getting any of my owed fills or my tables done. Now, it just doesn't make sense to double my time for writing, so I'll have to balance out what I'm writing in the time I do have.

I can't believe how quickly we're wrapping up May and heading into June! I know we have about half of May left, but the first half felt like such a blur. While I hate to see spring leave so quickly - we didn't have any spring weather here in April; not really - I'm so excited for this summer! Connecticon is going to be great, and I'm also 100% ready for Descendants 2 to come out already. (Seriously, this franchise is the best ridiculous, campy guilty pleasure I've indulged in in a long, long time.)

Also, so the real world is sure... I mean... That's... Happening.
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[personal profile] evilkingstan expressed interest in my Steven Universe & Guardians of the Galaxy crossover, so I'm putting the ideas I've jotted down thus far here! MAJOR spoilers for both fandoms ahead.

Again, spoilers! )
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Writing's been a bit slow lately, but when I do finish something, (and like it), it's going in my new writing comm, [community profile] withjustaspark.

Which... Definitely needs more femslash, so far. Luckily, my writing to-do list for [community profile] disney_kink includes an Ariel/Zarina piece!

I also have to write my Milo/Kuzco piece that I keep starting over on, as well as a fill for an open-ended prompt set in a bar.

I'm also participating in [community profile] familyex and [community profile] not_primetime.

Finally, I'm still open to starting up a few one on one roleplay plots, if anyone wants to check out my muselist. (I want to add Cassandra from the Tangled tv series to that list, but I have to make sure I can find icons/screencaps first.)

As you can see, I'm putting a big focus on writing right now, at least in my time off from work. I recently bought myself a lovely book; a follow-up to one I read ages ago that contains a lot of inspiration for writing, from prompts to revision tips to anecdotes. It's really a lifesaver.


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