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Hello to readers new and old, alike! I decided with so many people joining DW now, I might as well make a nice little introduction here to make a sticky post in this journal. So, let's go...

The Basics
Name: Jingle 
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Age: 25
Birth Month: September
Location: USA
What I Post: Lots of fandom stuff, be that fic ideas, general thoughts, or anything in between. I also update on aspects of my rl, though heavier personal posts are generally access-only.
My Active Fandoms: Disney/Animated Films, Steven Universe, Pokemon (games and some of the anime)
Less Active or Inactive Fandoms: Avatar: The Last Airbender,  Phineas and Ferb, Wander Over Yonder, Gravity Falls, The Big Bang Theory, Harry Potter, Friends, Disney Fairies, Disney Duckverse, Sofia the First, Monster High, Ever After High, MCU, Ouran High School Host Club, Disney's Descendants

Couldn't think of all that much to say. )
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I'm getting a blood test today, and it's a fasting one, so I'm trying really hard not to think about how much I want to have breakfast... Time for a distraction!

I found art from the Steven “Crewniverse Zine” #3 while browsing Tumblr, and... Well, here's the post I saw - I think music might autoplay on that blog - and there's so much great stuff there, like the characters making things from the show and also Smoky Quartz, who is undoubtedly my favorite Fusion after Garnet.

But it's this page, specifically, that's ruining my life. Because, like... It looks like someone drew Pearl hitting on Boba Fett? And I love it. It's weird and cute and funny, I don't even know. (Not quite as funny as the "Ste-Bombie" mini comic, though, which really made me giggle.)

(I've talked somewhere on this site about my feeling that not all Gems are necessarily lesbians, they just aren't exposed to other gender identities on Homeworld. So any given Gem could potentially be bi or even straight, and honestly - as a bisexual - the idea of Pearl being bi makes me super happy.)
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[community profile] monthlysupergo

Jingle's Door

DW username: [personal profile] dolewhip
AO3 username: [ profile] Jingle

You may get: Fandom Icons or Fanfic (most likely a drabble, double-drabble, or something in-between, length-wise)

Please leave me:
For Fandom Icons: A desired subject (character/ship/fandom/etc.) and if you like your icons vibrant, pastel, etc. - I'll do my best!
For Fic: A character/fandom with a prompt, or a relationship of any kind with or without a prompt. You can make multiple requests but I may only fill one, depending!

Light is on for: [community profile] monthlysupergo folks, access list folks, passing-by folks... Anyone, really.

Fandoms, etc.:
For Icons: Steven Universe, Disney/Non-Disney Animation, Disney's Descendants, Pokemon (Any), Little Witch Academia, Harry Potter (Films)
For Fic: Steven Universe, Disney Animation, Disney's Descendants, Pokemon (Main Game Series)

Other: Won't write incest, illegal age gaps (by modern-day standards), smut, gore, or psychologically dark stuff; will write OCs in canon settings and with canon characters if you give me info on them. Will also write crossovers, non-canon ships, AUs, and slash/femslash. Also, SU-specific: I won't write Jaspis or Jaspidot.
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I would love to write some drabbles, if anyone's interested in making a request! (Warming up for NaNo with fanfic, aw yeah.) So give me a relationship - any kind - or a character or a fandom, and either a one-word prompt or an AU, and I'll write you a 100 word (or so) drabble! For romantic relationships, I do have a ship list - which doubles as a fandom list - but anything that isn't on the NOTP list at the bottom of this post and is from a fandom I'm familiar with should be fair game.
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Anyone who lives in the areas affected by the wildfires, please be safe. If you know someone out that way, I hope they're safe, too.
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It's October 6th and I'm already super-torn over what to write for NaNo. My Little Witch Academia idea is exciting to me... But I'm also finding myself inspired to write a Steven Universe fic that's been knocking around in my head forever.

Which is weird, like... Didn't I just post about how I was focusing on non-SU fandoms/things?

I'm considering pulling a "NaNo Rebel" and working to hit 50k across the two fics... I mean, doing something like that was the original plan, anyway.

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Winter 2017 is the alleged "date" for the next Steven Universe episode, which... Might not be that far? It depends. Obviously, I'm hoping it will be near the beginning of Winter, so in December, rather than... Like, February. EDIT: I just realized that would be Winter 2018. So it has to be December, I guess?

But I really am starting to feel less impatient to get back to the show. There's a ton else I want to be attending to - from things to watch and write to finding a new job and taking other rl steps.

But yeah! Wasn't sure if the many other SU fans on my reading list had heard about the date, so I thought I'd point it out.
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So, I traded in several older games to get a physical copy of Moon in addition to my digital copy of Sun. For the extra save file, mainly - my in-character Lilo playthrough is fun, but kind of limiting? It's weird... I also think there's something about Moon I just like better, which is weird, because I prefer a lot of Sun's version exclusives.

My current team on Moon, shortly after beating Acerola's trial: Dixon the Mimikyu, Volcano the Salazzle, Giada the Primarina - another female starter without resetting, how is this happening so often? - Sinnoh Cap Pikachu, and Lucinda the Shiinotic. So that's 3 half-Fairies and 2 Fairy slayers. (Since Pikachu knows Iron Tail.) I'm really hoping I can keep Pikachu on my team through the whole game, but the fact that he's un-evolved is starting to show.

Pokemon aside... I've been watching Little Witch Academia on Netflix. It's a really silly (more in the first season) and often really strange show, but I'm enjoying it a lot! Just a few episodes into the second and final season right now... My planned NaNo project is a LWA fic.

Speaking of NaNo, I watched the Prep Webcast - after the fact, the chat moving so fast would have driven me insane - and that was cool. Looking forward to a lot of writing next month! :D
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So, I had that job interview today. I cannot imagine how I'll possibly get this job; I was a stammering wreck the whole time. That said, something good did come out of that, on the job front, so.... Silver linings! (I'm not going to get into, though. I don't want to jinx it!)

Anyway, it's October! There are Halloween-themed competitions on Food Network and spooky crafts to make! I'm happy about that.

I will be participating in NaNo next month, and have set up my novel for this year, though what I have now might be a placeholder? I don't know, I really can't decide. If anyone on my list - I know there's some people doing NaNo - is interesting in becoming "writing buddies" on the NaNo site, let me know!
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So, the job I seemed to have gotten didn't pan out, but I have another interview Monday... Yay! I'm excited for it; it seems like a good fit for me as far as part-time-moving-into-full-time jobs go. (And since I'm moving to England in, like, a year - maybe less - it doesn't really make sense to go after a "career" , per say, just yet.)

I'm seeing some friends tomorrow who I haven't seen in a while, so I'm also excited about that! And amidst various adulting, I've been trying to pick a project for NaNoWriMo. (Or multiple projects - hurrah for NaNo Rebels!) Got one actual idea and a few little whims...

Plus, I caught up on all the DuckTales reboot episodes that've aired since the pilot, and oh man, I am loving this show. The references to classic DuckTales and the like are great, but it also stands on it own in a great way - no nostalgia required. So good.

Oh, and the weather out here finally caught up with the calendar! I personally love when it starts getting cooler out, so this is very good news for me. :)
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I can't sleep tonight - at all - so I've started a new save file in Pokemon Sun. Again. Again-again. Honestly, I've lost track. I've only stuck with two playthroughs, but still. I considered doing a Nuzlocke this time, but ultimately decided something my fiance suggested I do when the game was first released (and I had Moon version). I'm doing a semi-in-character playthrough with a character named Lilo. I don't know how this will go, exactly, beyond me catching all the weirdest, scariest sorts of Pokemon, but yeah. Should be fun!
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I recently discovered Scarlett Johansson's recording of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and it's so good! It has totally brought me back to my love of - and fascination with - the Alice books and various other media. (Mostly the '51 Disney film.)

I'm also up to my neck in fangirlish adoration of Hau. (With a side of love for Haudion.) Such a precious child! I love him and I just want him to be happy; I can't wait to see what goes on with him in the alternate reality that is USUM.

Which fictional world would you most like to visit?
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 Adorable fanart has inspired me! The artist has requested no reposting of their work, so just check out the source link here for an insanely cute drawing of Hau and Gladion on a Disney vacation.

I always love the idea of real world AUs where characters visit Disney parks, so this is just too tempting to use as fic inspiration!

EDIT: Fixed the link!
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Going to start my entry with the question, this time, rather than end with it:

What is your favorite (fiction) book? Or even your top three? 

I'll admit, I have something to gain from this: I'm looking for more to read, and I'd love recommendations! It does go beyond that, though. I'm very curious to see what books appeal to which people I've talked to on this site. I like looking for patterns in these things.

That said... My rekindled interest in reading has been further fueled by today's email from NaNoWriMo. November is just over a month away, and despite my previous acknowledgment that I am unlikely to ever finish a full-length, involved work - particularly fanfic - I'm giving it a go, as usual. I've yet to win NaNo - this will be my sixth year participating, but only my third or fourth really going for it - but still enjoy the experience every time. The community is great, although given that I usually get far more involved with my local NaNo community than the official site's, and my region is currently without an ML, I'm not sure how much that'll be a factor this year.

Anyway, I'm hoping to win this year, but expecting it less than ever: My fiancee will be visiting from the 19th of November to the 1st of December this year. (My first Thanksgiving with her; very exciting!) I also don't know what I'll be writing. Probably fic, sure, but what fandom? I'm not sure. Pokemon is probably the safest bet, because I always go back to Pokemon and there's so much source material to work with. Of course, there's always my beloved Disney. Who knows what movie will catch my interest in November? And Steven Universe has a powerful pull; I'd love to write for it.

I might pull a NaNo Rebel this year, too... Either by writing multiple (though probably connected) pieces, or by continuing a fic or series I've already started. Or even both, maybe - I could continue the Incidents at Temple University series, or turn my current Pokemon WIP into a series of short fics.
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Photos of my Blue Pearl doll beneath the cut!
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Dear Creator,

Happy spooky Halloween season... Says the girl who signed up for all treats. Not so spooky, me.

Anyway, thank you very much for whatever you'll be creating for me! I love these kind of exchanges and can't wait for this one to get underway.

Like I always do, I'll start off with some general DNWs, and then I'll get into fandom-specific likes and dislikes. As always, everything but the DNWs are just suggestions!

  • Sad endings
  • Explicit sexual content
  • Non-Con/Dub-Con
  • Incest
  • Genderbends
  • Body Horror
  • Gore of any kind
  • Crackfic
  • Character Bashing
  • Non-Canon Character Death
  • Drug Use (unless canon)
Read more... )
Thank you so much,
[ profile] Jingle 


Sep. 14th, 2017 02:54 am
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I... May have gotten a job yesterday? The interview at the coffee place was seriously just 'what are your availability hours and can you get here reliably?'. It would be awesome to be working outside the house again, but I'm also kind of nervous about getting along with my co-worker. Just an anxiety thing, though.

I've been looking into healthy eating, (again... Finally!), and I'm trying to plan out a nutritious shopping list. I'm also looking to get back into a good exercise routine as it cools down a bit, weather-wise. Mostly walking and Tai Chi (the latter via youtube instructional videos) for a start; might get back to the gym and work on some of the weight-lifting kind of machines eventually.

And then there's writing. I haven't written much yet this month, although I'm working on a piece of Pokemon fic that centers around original characters. I really love the characters I've come up with, too, so it might be a step towards original fiction featuring these guys. I personally never have valued original fiction over fanfiction, but let's face it, only one of these things will make me money. :P

Of course, reading is a huge part of being able to write well, at least for me. My reading goals aren't particularly lofty right now, though. >-> I bought one of the Descendants: School of Secrets books because it's about Lonnie, Jay, and Jordan - three of my faves! - and that's aimed at a pre-teen to early teen audience. I just hope it will be a good step into reading more substantial things? And also that it'll be a fun read!

I'm taking a two-session writing class with my local adult education program, too, and looking forward to that a lot.

...You know, half the times I write an entry in here, I think of the film version of The Princess Dairies: "And then I realized how many stupid times a day I use the word 'I'."

Sure, it's different when you're writing a journal entry, even one to share online. It's very different. Still, it got me thinking about including questions in these entries. Conversation starters. It's always fun to hear about others' lives.

So, what goals are you all working on lately? Have you read anything good, or created anything you're particularly proud of?

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I've gotten into the habit of checking for new episode airdates of Steven Universe at least twice a week... Siiiiigh. Now I know how those who've watched the show from the start have felt with all these hiatuses. Ah, well. They have to come eventually... I hope.

My brother sent my an Etsy gift certificate for my birthday, and an absolutely stunning Blue Pearl doll is coming my way soon! The doll is customized from a Monster High model, and I'll definitely link to the inevitable instagram pictures.

My birthday was really nice, too! I went with some family to one of those Japanese restaurants where you keep ordering sushi by checking off a piece of paper, and you just pay a flat price? It was delicious.

On an actual serious note, if anyone is in a hurricane-affected area, or knows someone who is, please know that you are in my thoughts.
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I'm in a better place in some ways, emotionally, and worse in others? It's weird, but I'm okay right now, so that's good.

I've only just started watching Legend of Korra, but I know enough of what happens to know I want a Steven Universe-style AU for it. Dunno if I'll write it out as fic, but there will probably be meta.


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